Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wrecked my car, what now?
A: First, call your agent; your company will adjust your claim.  If you would like an estimate from us just give us a call or use our  contact form to arrange an appointment.

Q: My vehicle is not drivable, what do I do?
A: Call Cross Auto Body, we will have a Quality Wrecker Service pick up your vehicle and towed to us in a very secure facility.

Q: How long will my car be in repairs?
A: We have a fast and quality turn around, and are very honest with our delivery date quote.

Q: My insurance company wants me to go to another shop.
A: You have the right to take your vehicle to any shop you choose, please choose us; you will not be sorry!

Q: Will you arrange for me to have a rental car?
A: After you contact your insurance company and have a claim number, your rental car is just a phone call away. Call with your expected time of arrival, and your rental car will be waiting for you.

Q: I can't make it before you close; can I drop off my car after hours?
A: Yes, we have a drop box for your keys located in the center west walk in door. We are a fully insured shop with 24-hour video surveillance for your vehicle's safety.