Kansas weather is very unpredictable!  Even though some of us do not have a garage, you can still take care of your finish.  Just wash regularly and polish with an ultimate auto polish. We recommend Liquid Glass or Wizards Shine Master.  These products will help your finish last even through ultra violet rays, tree sap, etc, and is clear coat friendly; BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IS TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE CLEAN. 


If you are unsure of a proper cleaning procedure we have provided one for your convienence.

You should pick a shaded area when the car's finish is cool. This will help in deterring water spotting later.

Items you will need for this venture are : 2 buckets, car soap, sheepskin mitt or microfiber mitt/towels, waffle weave drying towel, a wheel brush, garden hose, wheel cleaner and if you want some tire cleaner.

Wheel Cleaning: Apply a safe wheel cleaner, to one wheel at a time, clean with brush or suitable cleaning tool, rinse, and continue to the next. Follow the instructions on the wheel cleaner.

Car Wash: Start hosing the surface of your car from the top so dirt and contaminants run over non rinsed areas. Make sure to use a good stream to any side moldings and emblems and in the wheel wells. , you will be amazed at the quantity of dirt hiding in there.

Continue to do this until the entire surface has been rinsed. Remember, top to bottom. Add a couple oz of car soap to bucket #1, and fill with water, add water to bucket #2. With the sheepskin, or whatever you're washing with, gently wipe the surface with suds from a front to back motion. Once again, remember, top to bottom. Depending on your speed, and the weather, you may need to rinse each panel after washing, until you have completed the car.

Keep your cars surface wet until you're completely finished. When you find the need to redip your wipe in the suds, rinse it out in bucket #2, this will remove dirt and contaminants from possibly further scratching the surface. (Your going to want to make sure you have plenty of soap on your wipe while washing. This precaution will help to suspend the dirt, and let it be carried off during the rinse.

Use that method throughout your washing. After the vehicle is completely finished, remove the nozzle from the hose end, and let the water flow freely. Hold the hose a couple inches from the roof surface, and work your way down. Chase the water across the surface.Sheet the water across the surface, and continue with the hood, and rear deck, and sides.

When all is said and done, open the hood and trunk, and let the remaining water sheet itself off while you dry the sides with a Waffle Weave drying towel. Start at the top, and work your way down to lower panels, refold the waffle weave as it absorbs water, a 24x30 towel is generally all that is needed. You may want to follow in your other hand with a clean and dry microfiber 16x16 towel.


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